Hope you are all safe and well.   All activities at the Lodge have been suspended. The office is open various hours to allow us to continue necessary business.  We are, however, offering a couple of activities to help our community and our members.
1.  MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LOAN PROGRAM – We are continuing to offer our medical equipment loan program.  The message on the lodge phone says to call Sheril at 303-521-4995, if no one answers at the lodge.  We will find out what is needed and will make arrangements to leave it between the wooden doors to be picked up.   Also, if you have any medical equipment that needs to be returned, leave a message on the phone, and you can drop it off outside the East doors.  Please put your name on it so we can mark it returned in our loan book
2.  THURSDAY NIGHT DINNERS –  This week the Lodge will be offering Cheeseburgers or  Pulled Pork Sandwiches with fries or Fish and Chips between 5:30p.m. to 6:30p.m. for Take Out.
    Dinners will be served in to go boxes and can be picked up at the club room bar.  We can also deliver to your car.   Please follow all social distance requirements.   If you would like to pick up a dinner, please call  the lodge at 303-442-5003,  or call 720-416-5232, or 303-521-4995,  and leave a message if no one answers.  Give us your order and what time you would like to pick up your food.    Cost is $6.00 per meal,  You can also order an alcoholic drink to go.