2018 B.E.S.T. Season

The 2018 Boulder Elks Swim Team season is just around the corner, and we have some important announcements regarding the upcoming season:  

1. COACHING STAFF: Emily Sampl will be returning as the head coach this summer, and we also welcome back returning coaches Austin Vinton, Katie Roberts and Olivia Rock. Our full coaching staff will be finalized over the next few months.

2. REGISTRATION: Registration for the 2018 summer season is now live! Go to boulderelksswimteam.org and click on the “Register” tab in the upper left. Please direct registration questions to Beth Leuchten.

3. PRACTICE SCHEDULE & CALENDAR: The practice schedule and meet dates are all up to date on the website. If you’d like to jumpstart the season, come to some of our ongoing winter practices! Practices are held Monday through Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm at North Boulder Rec and Saturdays 9-10am at East Boulder Rec. Additional details are on the team website under the “Practices & Clinics/Pre-Season Swimming” tab.

4. ELKS BEACH CLUB & SUMMER JOBS: Geoff Hawksworth will again serve as the pool manager for Elks this summer, and the 2018 Elks Beach Club. Information for pricing (memberships, pool passes, etc.)  can be found on the Elks team website. Any questions about the Beach Club can be directed to Geoff. If you’re interested in working at the pool this summer as a swim instructor, lifeguard or in the snack shack please contact Geoff at elkspoolmanager@gmail.com.

5. SWIM LESSONS: We will offer swim lessons at the Elks this summer, and Emily Sampl will be heading up the lesson program again. Information about swim lessons are available on the team website under “Lessons/Beach Club.” Any questions about lessons can be directed to Emily.  

Stay tuned for more information coming soon on the summer season!